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Imagine your company's message being played to a captive WOCNext audience during and after the event.

Now, you can be part of the action. Deliver your custom message digitally to your target audience by showcasing your company on WOCNext-TV.

  • Daily videos emailed to entire WOCNext registration database
  • Broadcasted continuously in hotel guest rooms
  • Posted on WOCNext virtual event platform
  • Distributed via WOCN’s social media channels


HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video


  •  CNTV will produce a 30-second video for participating exhibitors. 

  • Clips are distributed to the exhibitor's virtual online profile, and can be given to the exhibitor for their own marketing use.



  • CNTV crews will create a 2-3 minute video for participating exhibitors.
  • The video is distributed as a part of your daily videos, and given to the exhibitor for their own marketing use.
  • The videos can be filmed, produced, edited and delivered on site, or they can be taped in advance from our digital set.
HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video


  • You will have the opportunity to showcase your brand in front of ALL attendees in an engaging and dynamic way.

  • Daily videos will highlight the best moments of WOCNext and will be distributed to all registered attendees both on site and virtually, as well as members who are unable to attend the event through digital marketing.



  •  Pre-produced commercial played during our daily video.